The Smiling Florida Water Nature Dog
Well they say people look like their dogs. Hmmmmm... I happen to think that I am much more appealing than my Mama. Don't get me wrong, she takes me fishing on the boat and I always have my very own seat (better than the Captain's in my opinion), my own embroidered PFD (pet, I mean personal, flotation device) and unlimited amounts of sailor's delight. My Mama, on the other hand, is no where near as successful as me on the boat. I don't know how the Captain puts up with her. Her long stringy hair (I wish she would cut it) is always slapping me in the face and making my eyes water. She is always doing chores like 'cutting bait' (what?) or pulling up anchor rope (what? what?) or taking pictures and video (okay, that I understand, especially if I'm in the picture). No matter our differences, at the end of the day I love the poor little ragamuffin that is my Mama. Don't tell her I said that. Yours Truly, The Smiling Florida Water Nature Dog

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